May. 21st, 2017

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As pretty much all of you know, Huz and I have had cats for years. Back in March, we lost Fluffy Cat (memorial post yet to be done), bringing us down to just one cat for the first time in our lives. [Gasp!] Penny Cat clearly missed her feline companions, and we knew we wanted more cats. So yesterday (5/20/17), we brought home two 2-month-old kittens from Peninsula Humane Society

(All the images should be clickable if you want to see big versions!)

A mostly-gray tortoiseshell kitten, looking at the viewer.
This little girl was named Pinta back at the shelter, but we've named her Luna.

A gray and white kitten, playing with a green pipe cleaner
This little boy was called Santiago at the shelter. We're not 100% sure, but we think his name is Tigger.

They figured out the bed....
Tortoise-shell kitten peering sleepily out of a green cat bed  Two kittens in the green cat bed. The gray and white kitten is looking directly at the camera, and the tortoiseshell one is flopped on her back.

...and how to climb onto the second pantry shelf.
A set of tall white shelves, mostly filled with pantry essentials. The second shelf from the bottom has two kittens on it, looking at the camera.

Today they figured out how to climb the gates that were keeping them in the kitchen:
Tortoiseshell kitten sitting atop a pet gate blocking the lower part of a kitchen doorway    Gray and white kitten atop a different pet gate from the previous shot. He is looking down and clearly getting ready to jump off the gate into the rest of the house.

Penny Cat is not entirely pleased by the invasion of these new felines into her territory, but she hasn't done anything worse than hiss and growl at them.
A white and brown cat, lying casually on a table with a yellow tablecloth. Her expression is dignified.

We'll keep you posted as new developments occur!


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