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So I posted a couple of things on G+ recently that I thought I would put here.

Huz took a look at this setup and wasn't sure whether it was a sewing project, or a piece of ritual magic in progress.  :)

One person thought I was making a Catbus, to which the answer is "no".  The yellow is misleading; this was just a mockup to see if I'd gotten the shape right when I filled it.

Then today I did this:

Another piece of the latest work-in-progress.  (Hint: It's not in the right orientation, and I only really need one for the moment.)

This is interesting primarily because it was my first experiment with my (ancient) (obscure) (unintuitive) (but free) embroidery software, thred32 (based on an even older program called thred).

The bottom form differs from the top form only in that the top curvy part was a little wider to try to reduce the satin-stitch effect I was getting.  (The top form ran out of bobbin thread partway through stitching, that's why there's that weird pulled area in the middle.)  It was somewhat successful; clearly I need to fiddle with the software more and see what else can be done.

The other thing I noticed was that the stitch distances, both for the understitching and the top fill, were smaller than what I've seen in the commercial patterns I've downloaded.  I used the default lengths/distances in thred for everything, and I think I'll probably try expanding the distances between stitches -  but possibly shortening the stitch length to try to get rid of that satin nonsense - next iteration.

The bottom one is probably good enough to use as an applique in my project, so I won't be doing any more messing with this particular form... at least not for a while.  At some point in the future, I will want a second one of these, and will probably get a more lemon-yellow color of embroidery thread to do it with.  (That's your other hint as to exactly what this project is.)
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