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May. 23rd, 2017 09:10 pm
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 The kittens have developed in leaps and bounds over the last couple of days. Today:

- Thomas figured out how to jump from the top of one of the gates onto (sigh) the kitchen counter... the one next to the stove. 

- They both managed to get up onto the chairs by the kitchen table.
The view is under a card table, onto two seats tucked in at the table edges. On the near chair is a green cushion and a gray and white kitten. On the farther chair, shadowed, is a tortoiseshell kitten.

-They both managed to get up onto the futon under their own power. (This means that the dining room table is accessible, and that tops of nearby bookshelves will be soon.)

This morning when I opened the door to the bedroom, both kittens IMMEDIATELY climbed over the gate (we'd taken them down for a while last evening but put them back up, deciding the kittens needed a safe spot) and came running towards me! They were clearly very excited to see the hooman, which was utterly charming.  :)

They think the bathroom is totally awesome. They love to claw the rug, and they think that having Thomas get up on the tub wall and hide between the plastic shower liner and the decorative curtain while Luna plays with the moving decorative curtain is just the best thing ever.

Shot of a bathroom floor. Beige toilet to the right, beige tub edge to the right. Two kittens are rolling around and playing on the floor.
(This isn't that activity, but they're still obviously having a blast.)

I took a couple of photos of Huz holding Thomas so you could get an idea of just how tiny they are:

In a kitchen, a man wearing a navy short-sleeved shirt holds a very small gray and white kitten in one arm. Both the man and the kitten are looking directly at the camera. The man is smiling, and the kitten has a perpetually bemused look on its face.    Similar to the previous picture, except that the smiling man and the kitten are gazing at each other.


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