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Dear tech-savvy friends,

Does anyone know of a completely free video converter that runs on Mac and turns out high-quality video without throwing a watermark up on the whole thing?  I'm trying to convert a HD .flv file that I got off YouTube into something that iMovie and/or iDVD will recognize, to make a DVD of it for my dad. 

So far, I have tried the following programs:

VLC - creates choppy visual, apparently regardless of the settings I choose.  (I've successfully grabbed the audio off as a good clean file though.)

ffmpegx - Doesn't seem to correctly install the required binaries.  Attempts to convert result in a 4KB empty file.

iSkysoft and Wondershare video converters (as far as I can tell, identical programs) - work beautifully, but slap a watermark over the video.

iSquint - fails to convert, I forget why

Alternately, if someone has professional software and is willing to convert it for me, I will cheerfully send or drop the file to you.  (Original size: 26.9 MB.)


Life etc

Sep. 7th, 2010 09:02 pm
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I seem to be posting with an average frequency of about once a week these days.  All that means, really, is that life is not hectic/stressful enough for me to post about it (which is good), nor is it exciting enough for me to post about it Right This Instant, which frankly is also fine.  That's not to say that some good things haven't happened; they're just more everyday kinds of good things than, say, the day a cousin who'd grown fond of my parents gave each member of my family the maximum allowable gift one can give without triggering the gift tax.  (That was a number of years ago.  But I was so astounded when my mom called me to tell me about it that I blurted it out to everyone who happened to be in the room at the time, which included a handful of guests.)

The usual: sick bad, work good, recent purchases )


Jan. 15th, 2008 02:21 pm
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No, I don't need a new computer.  My now-somewhat-old iMac is still working fine, and it can still access OS 9 (useful if I ever intend to finish Xenogears -- really, I will, sometime!).  I don't even need a new toy - the DS fills that slot quite happily, and will for some time.

But oh, isn't the Macbook Air pretty???

So - does this outdo the iPhone?  My guess is no, but it's still pretty nice-looking.  Comments welcome.


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