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Sorry everyone - I've been posting pretty much everything over on G+.  (onyoukai, didn't you say you were on G+ somewhere?)  I don't know if the links embedded below will work if you're not in the appropriate circles - feel free to try though.

Life's been - surprise! - mostly dealing with the aftermath of my father's death.

There was signing the form promising that my dad wouldn't explode when they cremated him.

There was the exhausting process of trying to go through as much stuff in the house as my brother and I could over the course of a week, and shipping stuff, and meeting with people.  I found a bunch of neat things in the process of cleaning out, and documented a small number of them in various posts.

There was the business with the cemetery when I thought we might not be able to bury my parents in the plot they wanted (since resolved).

There was ordering a headstone.

There was finding out you can get urns from walmart online, but that's not where I bought the one that arrived at the funeral home today.

There was tracking down as many people as I possibly could in my father's addressbook to notify and invite them to the memorial.  (Still not quite done; there are folks I emailed who haven't responded, notably some near-ish cousins.)

There's still stuff.  I need to change the burial time to a little later in the afternoon so that there's time to eat and hang out after the service.  I need to get a proposal from the caterer for lunch that day.  I need to send a bunch of checks to the church for the service.  I need to finish putting together the playlist for during the reception.  And I need to write my four minutes' worth of eulogy.

I have to remind myself it'll all be okay.  I'll get it all done.  And I'll be okay.


(And I'll be better about cross-posting!)
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Langdon Frothingham Lombard passed away earlier this evening peacefully at his home.  One of his caregivers and our care manager was with him.  He was 73.

There's not a huge rush for me to go back; we don't have the same immediate problems to be solved as we did when my mother died four years ago, but I'll be flying back to Boston this Saturday (5/31) and staying for a week to do stuff.  r_ness, I know you're around this coming week - are you around next week as well?

Thank you all for your support.  It means a lot to me.
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Ugh. Dad may be dying.

Still going to reunion; I saw him yesterday, and he recognized me briefly, but that was it. His caregiver, who he adores, is there with him and won't leave his side, so it's not like he's all by himself. But assuming he goes soon, I'll be heading back to Boston afterwards rather than back to California.
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So, I've been doing stuff.

I've done another embroidery-on-a-bag, this one for one of my aunts.

And I put a panda on the back of the jacket of a good friend's daughter.

And, well, there's other stuff.

I went to a cardiologist the other week to discuss what appeared to be a high resting heart rate, combined with slightly high blood pressure.  The haven't-written-the-whole-thing-up-yet short version: I have a heart!  And it does in fact go pretty darn fast: when I sleep, it's around 90 bpm.  Your average person, by comparison, is down around 50-60 bpm when they sleep.  I'll be going in again the day after tomorrow for some imaging.. and to find out what my heart does when I actually try to exercise hard, as opposed to walking at a good pace.  (I know how I feel when I exercise too hard: head pounds, get nauseous.. generally unpleasant.  Wonder what my heart's doing?)  Stay tuned!

The other thing?  We found out last week that it's not going to be feasible to have my dad in his house much longer.  The only bathroom - and hence the only shower - is upstairs.  He can get upstairs with a great deal of help, but it's going to get to the point where he just can't.  So our care managers are talking to real estate agents about single-floor apartments that can at least be accessed by wheelchair, and we'll move him sometime in the next couple of months, maybe even when we're out in May for Huz's college reunion.  Stay tuned on this point too.
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Dad's responding well to IV antibiotics, yay!  The hospital currently plans to discharge him tomorrow.  :)

ETA: Woops, backpedal.  His fever spiked again, so they're now looking at a Tuesday release.  I have a feeling we may be in for a few days of wash, wince, wepeat.

Thanks all for your good wishes!
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My dad's in the hospital with a UTI and high fever.  He can't speak anymore (aphasia), so they're admitting him for full fever workup and observation.
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I've slept pretty well the last few nights, but I still wake up tired and wanting more sleep.  My nose is dry, stuffy, and irritated.  I'm sincerely hoping it's allergies rather than a cold, but it's unpleasant either way. 

Huz has been out of town (like, in Sweden) all week.  Largely with the help of friends, I think I've coped better than usual.  But it'll be nice to have him home tomorrow night.

I need to spend some time tonight tidying up before Huz comes home, as I tend to leave things all over the place if left to my own devices for short periods of time.

My knee is acting up again.  Time to re-institute knee stretches and exercises.

It's cooled off out here, thank heavens.  (Nothing bad there!)

Dad had appointments with his geriatric psychiatrist and chiropractor this week.  Geri psych doc confirmed that an assisted living facility is what's needed for him.  Um, yay, I think?  (Yes, it was the answer we were looking for, but still.  Sigh.)  Chiropractor visit was fine.  Dad has his Big Neurological Workup next Monday.
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So.  We leave tomorrow night on a trip to Boston.

Wish us luck... Wish us sanity! 
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Zelda: Bridge fixed.  Must run experiments with *where* to stand to pour spring water on Mr. Lazy-Bum Goron, at which point I'll worry about pouring while the water is hot.  Not particularly looking forward to having to go through the Lost Woods *again*.

Dad: Variable.  Stomach troubles the last few days, likely stress-related.  He has a PET scan tomorrow.

Head: Hurts some, but not nearly to the degree than it generally does for my quarterly headache.  Haven't decided yet whether to go to work or not.
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1.  Dad came home yesterday!  His depression does in fact seem to be basically gone, although according to the social worker, he's still 'fragile'.  (Surprise, surprise.)  His memory, both short and, alas, long, are another matter entirely, and that's presumably why he's having a PET scan next week.  And the aphasia?  Well, it's there.  He's not been told about the diagnosis for a couple of reasons: it's only tentative, and they realize perfectly well that *if* he were told right now, we'd probably have a relapse on our hands.  But, he's home and seemed pretty happy about it last night.  :)

2.  I raced very well in Wave Race last night, and had more than sufficient points after the fourth race in the series to finally open up the other two courses in the Normal Mode.  And ended up third overall in terms of points in the six races - whee!

3.  It's Friday.  Just about always a good thing.  :)

4.  We're seeing a bunch of local storyreading friends this weekend!

5.  In only two weeks, we'll be seeing a whole bunch of less-local storyreading friends!!!!  Yaaaaaay!
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Not bothering to friend-lock this.  No emo here, and I'm guessing that relatively few people outside of friends read this LJ anyway.  :)
Dad: Still there (not really surprising).  Not that much has happened yet as far as I can tell.  He has appointments for two things on Tuesday: one thing that Mom said was an EKG, but I think *must* be an EEG, and one with the neurologist - which had been set up some time before - to review the results of the neurological testing he did back in July.  And his regular psych comes back from vacation this week.  Talking to him today he seemed pretty depressed, which Mom confirmed when I chatted with her.  Sigh.

Me: Doing better now.  I've adjusted to The New Normality, such as it is: he's where he is, I call him every couple of days, and call Mom every night and try to help her de-stress.  My appetite, which had largely left, is back to basically normal, and I've had three good nights' sleep in a row now!  Also, played significant Zelda on Saturday... there, I *must* be feeling better, right?  ;)  Time spent working with pencil, paper, and 3 coins to do the second part of the Snowpeak Block Puzzle: approximately 1 minute.  <grin>  Admittedly, one of the blocks happened to be in the perfect spot when I decided that a real-world copy would be useful.  But still!  I'd seen references to Snowpeak Ice Block Puzzle in many different walkthroughs and kind of assumed it was a difficult puzzle.  ..Unless there's another ice block puzzle somewhere in the mansion, which is entirely possible...

Weekend: Mostly very cool so far. 
    Yesterday we went to see the world premiere of a musical version of Jane Austen's novel Emma.  It was very very very good!  Folks in our area, you should go see it!  Folks not in our area, hopefully it will be making its way to a stage near you sometime, and you should go see it when it does!
    Today I did church in the morning, and we've done mostly useful stuff today.  Sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, downloading Wave Race... ya know, useful stuff.  ;)
    No particular plans for today.  Get haircuts, pay a visit to GameStop and get rid of Super Monkey Balls (and possibly pick up something else - the huz has a hankering for Super Paper Mario), make soup, clean the bathtub.  And do nice things together.

Sound like a plan? :)


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