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Ugh. Dad may be dying.

Still going to reunion; I saw him yesterday, and he recognized me briefly, but that was it. His caregiver, who he adores, is there with him and won't leave his side, so it's not like he's all by himself. But assuming he goes soon, I'll be heading back to Boston afterwards rather than back to California.
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My dad's in the hospital with a UTI and high fever.  He can't speak anymore (aphasia), so they're admitting him for full fever workup and observation.
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• Huz is back!  We are both pleased.

• Many many thanks to [ profile] nezumiko , who let me hang out with her Thursday night and Friday during the day.  It was awesome and excellent, and we need to do it again sometime.

• Thanks also to [ profile] orichalcum  and [ profile] cerebralpaladin , who were kind enough to let me come over Wednesday night.  Really, it was as much for their sake as for my cats' that I didn't spend the night, much as Mac might have liked me to.

• Rest in peace, Christopher Booth (icyjumbo on the Librivox forums).  You were a brave, funny man who wrote eloquently about living with cancer on your blog, A Mammoth Undertaking.  I am grateful that you were not just functional but able to enjoy activities and friends until such a relatively short time before the end.  May God bless you and be with your wife Gillian as she mourns you.

• Congratulations to the Choice of Broadsides team in getting a nice critical mention in the Guardian!

• Crystal Bearers is growing on me, at least some.  The camera, while annoying, is manageable: I'm getting used to nubbing the D-pad as I move to orient things properly.  The save business isn't actually so bad: in addition to the scattered Save Points, the game autosaves pretty much every time you enter a new area.  This generally means that your saves aren't more than 10-15 minutes apart, depending on how fast you cover ground and how much time you spend noodling around playing (for example) the requisite fishing minigame.  (It would still be really nice to just have the option of saving anywhere!)  No... If I could change any single thing about the game, after ~3 hours in, I'd add a map.  No map = really really annoying and easy to get turned around in Hyrule Field - oops, I mean the Wildlands - and in cities.

• Done with going to Berkeley for the moment.  Sure I'll be back in another couple of weeks with a new batch of clones to sequence.  Yay?
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Hmm, I don't seem to be posting all that much...

I've been busy!  Work continues to be very busy - I'm in the middle of a spin-off project from the interactome that should be really interesting if the results come out cleanly.  I'm also working on The Interactome Part II/III: working on extracellular proteins that have LRRs, FnIIIs, and other interesting domains.  I haven't started cloning yet (waiting for our collaborators to do primer design and synthesis), but I've been toiling away looking at domain boundaries for some of those 'other' domains - there's a quite large list of the things - and determining whether our collaborator has usable clones.  Yeah, I know it sounds like technobabble; sorry 'bout that.

The past weekend was really nice (apart from the &^#!&%! California poplar tree in our neighbor's yard, which goes into bloom about now every year and which produces copious amount of pollen to which I am horrendously allergic).  We had skating class for the first time in about three weeks on Saturday, and did things both useful and pleasant the rest of the day, including getting the rear driver door of my car fixed such that it locks along with the rest of the doors when it's supposed to.  (Metroid Prime ice beam, you are mine now!)  Sunday we went to the early bird showing of Toy Story 3-3D.  We really enjoyed it - I want more of the hedgehog! - though, like [ profile] ladybird97 , I would be very cautious about what small children to bring to it, for the same almost-incredibly-traumatic scene near the end.  I have to admit, I'd really wondered whether Pixar would find anything new to say or do in this world... and, well, they did.  They're brilliant.  It was a little weird coming out of the movie at 1 PM and realizing we had the entire rest of the day to do with as we liked/needed.

What else?  I've started a new solo project over at Librivox.  It feels great to FINALLY  be recording again, after literally months of not doing so.  (I think the last time I'd made a recording before this past weekend was back in very early March, before the whole recent series of adventures started.)   We have an upcoming D&D game with [ profile] cerebralpaladin  and co. this weekend.  I'm almost finished writing thank-you notes for Important People who came to Mom's memorial service last month.  There's still buckets of things I need to take care of that got shoved into the "After June" category: dentist appt, doctor's appt (annual checkup), calling United to get into my electronic account info, learning to drive a stick shift, calling a lawyer to formally put wills together... 

But it doesn't all have to be done today.  'Specially since it's our 14th wedding anniversary.  No, we're not doing anything much special today; the New Zealand trip was our anniversary gift this year.  But as noted, I am eternally grateful to and in love with my Huz, for everything he does and everything he is for me.  <3


Jul. 5th, 2010 10:07 pm
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Huz is back home, safe and sound!

Back home.

Jun. 19th, 2010 07:31 pm
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We went to Belmont last week.  It was, despite my multitudinous sources of anxiety about the trip, really just fine.  The memorial service and associated other stuff )

It's good to be home, in our own house - though I am forever grateful to S for giving us crash space in their spare bedroom while we were there.  It's nice to have been able to spend the day here, with our kitties, who are all very pleased that we are once more available for lap creation.  I've played some Portal, Huz beat the first dungeon in Wind Waker, we cleaned (yay for temporary decrease in household concentration of cat fur!), we've made and eaten our own dinner.  Looking forward to a quiet evening and a pleasant day tomorrow.  Extremely grateful that we came back on a Friday night and have two whole days instead of just one to rest and recover before getting back to normal life.
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... is, if you can afford to do so, go into an independent living community when you're in your early to mid 60s (basically, as early as they'll let you in).  Independent living communities, if they're doing it right, have you move in when you're still completely independent (and they'll provide 1 meal a day for you), and then as you need more and more help, they'll provide more and more help right there (or at worst, elsewhere within the community).  If you do this, you will prevent your immediate family from stressing and having to do what some would consider distateful tasks for you while they figure out your care and/or get it started.

Now, will Huz and I have the willpower and common sense at age sixty-something to actually do this?  Um... check in in 30 years and see!
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We've had a great last few days.  It started with my younger brother arriving Friday night after a work conference the previous few days in San Francisco.  We picked up [ profile] nezumiko  and went for Japanese/sushi for dinner, then came back to our place and hung out for a while.  Kiddo spent the night on the futon with a couple of our indoor cats. 

Saturday was - amazingly - bright and sunny and fairly warm.  He took a look at our can't-be-turned-on lawnmower, replaced the spark plug, and exhorted me to get a new container of fuel plus some fuel stabilizer.  We went for a walk around the neighborhood so he could enjoy the lovely January sun and warmth, had lunch, and then went to see Sherlock Holmes with [ profile] nezumiko , which was fun.  I found the plot kind of silly but pretty well constructed, and really enjoyed the interplay among Holmes, Watson, and Irene.  Any chemists out there who could tell me whether the science-ish explanation of How It Was All Done made sense?  (I do know that Holmes must have gotten his hands on a Rod of Lightning Bolt, 'cuz ain't no way you're getting three zaps out of a standard piece of metal after only one charge!)  We went back, chilled, had dinner, and I took Kiddo to the airport for his overnight flight.

Today I went to church in the morning, and then our D&D group met at our house.  The session was remarkably streamlined, as we had four (count 'em, four) combat encounters, where we've normally had two at best.  And boy, did we whup some goblin backside!  We've recovered the bulk of the gold that the goblins had, plus a handful more, and a handful of magic items.  Now we need someone short who can wear nice magicked chainmail (better than 'standard' +1 stuff), and someone who can use a nice magicked battleaxe (also nicer than +1).  And we killed a lot of goblins, including getting the goblin king to surrender (after whacking on him for a while) and the goblin high priest (whom the king was willing to trick into the room, allowing us to kill him, in exchange for his and his favorites' freedom). 

After the session, we went out to dinner with our GM [ profile] cerebralpaladin , his wife [ profile] orichalcum , and their two boys, which was also pleasant.  We are now, however, entirely ready to be quiet for a while and then head to bed.  Yay weekend!
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• Mom's home! She actually got home last Friday, I just kind of forgot to blog about it. And after some runaround with pharmacies, I expects she's got all the meds she needs now. They're numerous and complicated enough that she got one of those weekly+time-of-day pill dispenser boxes, and has it all filled for the next week or so. My brother and his wife have been tag-teaming spending nights with her since Saturday.

• Dad comes home tomorrow! We'll see how everyone does under the new circumstances.

• My brother, who has been unemployed since mid-August, has a job offer! Come January, he'll be working for Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. He's very excited, and they seem excited about him too.
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Thirteen years ago today, many of you watched as Huz and I became, well... Huz and I.  :)  Thirteen years later, and we're still crazy about each other.  Who'da thunk?  ;)

To celebrate, we've bought ourselves season tickets to Broadway San Jose.  (Minus one - we're neither of us interested in Legally Blonde, and they had this nice Buy Four option.)  Mind you, the tickets haven't shown up yet, and I need to bug the company about it. 

Huz has also been working with some sort of Langevin equation(s) in his programming.  I couldn't remember exactly what sort of Langevin he was fiddling with when I asked him about it, and referred to it as a Langevin whatsit.  A day or so later, he asked me what flavor a Langevin whatsit should be; after a moment's thought, I declared it should be lemon.  (He thought it would be nice to get me a  lemon-flavored Langevin whatsit for our anniversary.)  After some consideration, we decided on what exactly a lemon-flavored Langevin whatsit was:

Which we shall sample tonight.  Happy anniversary, Huz!
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Good thing: It's the Thanksgiving holiday!

Bad thing: The huz caught his almost-required vacation-time cold yesterday, and stayed home rather than going and spending much of the day with parents and family.

Good thing: Lots of tasty food yesterday: decent turkey, good stuffing, good gravy, excellent sweet potatoes and rolls, and 3 different desserts, all really yummy.  (Delicate apple pie with thin apple slices that still had a lot of texture to them; a pecan pie recipe out of 'The Best of America's Test Kitchen' that didn't use huge amounts of sweetening; and my Meyer Lemon bars, this time with extra zest!)

Better thing: There were plenty of leftovers, so I was able to take back good-sized samples of everything back to the huz.  He had traditional Thanksgiving food for dinner.  I had leftover pasta, which was just fine!

Bad (but unrelated) thing: Some oxalis is successfully growing through the weed-block stuff we put down a month or so ago.  Much sadness.

Good thing: Good singing practice today!  (Especially since didn't get to practice either of the last two days.)

Zelda things: Yes, the pretty glowing crystal ball stayed outside!  Got the other one (with much hand-slapping, as it were), and made good progress through the central part of the dungeon (got to boss key, and got the small key past that in the room with many floating platforms).  Pretty glowing sword now.  But no Ooccoo - I guess Ooccoos don't live in the Twilight Realm.  Happily, all the arms of the dungeon seem pretty physically short.  Hope that the Zant heads stay dead - they seem to.  Had a nice hour playing today!


Oct. 1st, 2007 09:18 pm
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This weekend was totally cool and wonderful.  I can ignore and/or forget the plane flight delays and the hotel somehow managing to have trouble with checking us in (lost reservation) and taking forever to check us out.

(Okay, to be fair that wasn't us.  That was two different people/groups in line in front of us, both of whom had issues that took at least ten minutes each to sort out.)

But a good thing happened while we were waiting in the lobby forever to check out.

I saw a shiny thing on the floor, and went over and picked it up.  It was a dime, and it was minted my graduation year (1995).  Thinking of Avenue Q, I joked that it must be a lucky sign, and stuck it in my pocket.

Things haven't been dreadful here with my folks since then.  But nonetheless, especially on Sunday, whenever being with my parents was starting to get stressful and unhappy, I'd reach into my pocket, and give the dime a squeeze.  And that would be a physical, tangible reminder of the weekend we'd just had, and the friendships that had been renewed, and the hugs that had been liberally passed 'round.  (Along with the cold that many folks - including the huz - seem to have caught, but we'll let that pass.)

Thank you ALL.  You're all fantastic, and I'm going to keep that dime in my pocket for awhile to remind myself of how fantastic you are.


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