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Totally for folks like [ profile] hoshikage who work with this stuff... But pretty amazing-looking for the rest of us.  I don't think I've ever seen live-action look so much like something animated as this does.

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According to this story in the Daily Mail, some macaques got hold of a photographer's camera and managed to take some amazing self-portraits.  Even if the story turns out to be untrue, the pictures are still marvelous.

(linkspam from Cute Overload)

Also, Steam Sale is on!  I just picked up both parts of Penny Arcade's game (On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness) for a stinkin' dollar and eighty cents.  It's something I'd been very vaguely thinking about for a while, and at that price I couldn't resist.  Also, Tiny Bang Story for something like $3.40.  Different specials every day; sale ends 7/10 I think.  I don't get anything by telling the world about the sale, don't worry.
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These guys "play" the Dr. Who theme song.  With Tesla generators.  It's pretty awesome. 
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Because pretty much everyone on my f-list likes books and bookstores and the like, I thought I'd repost this link from Neil Gaiman's blog.  A bookseller in London writes up some of the, um, denser questions customers have posed.  Read it and giggle here.

Oh noes!

May. 28th, 2011 01:11 pm
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I am all caught up with Darths and Droids!  I will have to use the same trick that I do with Girl Genius and read a week's worth of comic on the weekends, or something.  I'm also (long since) caught up with Order of the Stick, and I read xkcd as it comes out, as it doesn't have long plot arcs like the others.

Any suggestions for other webcomics I can peruse in my spare time?
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For [ profile] ladybird97  in particular:

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• Anyone in the greater Boston area interested in buying my family's old (but still running and in pretty good condition) 1979 LeSabre?  Check the craigslist entry here.

• My friend [ profile] nezumiko  wrote an online petition requesting that David Gaider (at BioWare, writer of the piece on why BioWare takes multiple genders into account when designing games like Dragon Age 2) get a pay raise.  You can sign it here.

• Three-quarters of the audio track seems to be missing, and the small amount that's left is in Chinese, but check out this adorable video of two baby bears and a tiger cub playing together!

• There's a dude named Eric Whitacre who's put together a virtual choir performance, sending out a video of himself conducting his composition and receiving something over 2000 videos in return of singers performing their parts.  His compilation video airs tomorrow night on YouTube.  Go here for the story on npr, and here for his Virtual Choir 1.0 (only 185 singers).  Dang, I want in on his next thing!

• Darths and Droids players quote Broadway and Peter Gabriel, and the DM is clueless.


Apr. 5th, 2011 09:04 am
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Showing in New York till Sept 5: Harry Potter, The Exhibition.  It's an (expensive, at $25/head) exhibition of behind-the-scenes and props from the films, and it's supposed to be pretty good, as such exhibits go.  Perhaps Huz and I will check it out during our very very brief stay in New York in June...
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Some California milk has been found to be (exceedingly mildly) radioactive.  Glowing milkshakes, here we come!

(or maybe we'll just have cows with glowing eyes.)

(Disclaimer: Glowing eyes not actually a result of radioactivity, sorry.)
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Neil Gaiman has a lamppost in his woods.  Some friends took advantage of it for a photo-shoot as Tumnus and the White Witch.
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Huz downloaded Assassin's Creed II earlier this week off of Steam.  We've looked at the first hour or so of the game.  As soon as you get to Italy, the dialogue really does start to feel a little like this:

from the masters at Penny Arcade; comic posted 11/23/09

Oh right.

Jan. 24th, 2011 08:27 pm
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Not that I ever questioned my decision to leave grad school and quit with a Master's, but this video tells a story that is all too true for a number of people I've known....

hmph.  Embedding doesn't seem to work.  Follow this link to a biology lab's parody of the Lady Gaga song "Bad Romance", modified to "Bad Project."


Jan. 13th, 2011 09:49 am
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I wants me a hand-cranked runcible gun.

Also a new, non-stuffy head.  Thanks to the current stuffy version, I am at home away from work YET AGAIN.  Mostly due to that whole lack of sleep thing.  Bah.

But a hand-cranked runcible gun would fix everything.  Wouldn't it?
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Real Men Watch Princess Tutu:

"Holy hell this is the manliest show ever. Its got people getting their hearts ripped out, evil ravens, knights, fables, romantic subplots, dancing, ballerina princesses. YEA YOU HEARD ME. Characters. Loads of characters more characters than you know what to do with. Too many characters? TOO BAD. You want music? Tutu's got it. You want hot blooded rock music? Get that weak sauce out of here. This show has Tchaikovsky. Does your show have Tchaikovsky? Hell no, you probably can't even pronounce Tchaikovsky. This is manlier than a lumberjack flossing with barbed wire and anybody who says otherwise just can't handle it. WATCH PRINCESS TUTU."

What?  No being on a horse, there at the end?
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I just finished reading up to the current strip (#766).

Eek!  How often does this guy post strips???  (and why haven't I seen dragon companions.. or was that some other comic?  [ profile] ladybird97 , you'd know what the baby dragon campaign was based on...)

Right.  Time to start reading Girl Genius or Darths & Droids.

Oh, right.

Dec. 10th, 2010 09:27 pm
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It's nice to be reminded of why we don't ever get a Christmas tree....
.. ya know, without having to actually experience the destruction ourselves.  :)


Dec. 9th, 2010 08:43 pm
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I am highly amused to see the crew of Final Fantasy 3/6 as done by Order of the Stick.  I am mildly ashamed that it took me all the way till Strago to figure it out.  (I was made suspicious by Cyan's in-progress tale to Celes, does that count?)
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Cats and an owl do the Harry Potter thing!  The top picture of the white cat in the costume is surprisingly attractive.

And the Megamind movie is a fair amount of fun, we discovered this evening.  It gets a number of its ideas from Dr. Horrible, but the ending is (unsurprisingly, for a kids' animated film) rather different.  The trailers for almost all the upcoming 3D movies made them look appallingly bad - Smurf'd and the Yogi Bear movie are particularly unfortunate, while the trailer for Disney's upcoming 3D film Tangled continues to look and feel like a Shrek remake without the green (and maybe without the bodily noises as well; one can always hope).  The only trailer that caught my interest is for a new film version of The Nutcracker (trailer here).  Maybe it was the live action with some pretty visuals in amidst all the frenetic cartoons, but I have to admit I'm vaguely curious about something that looks kind of like the director saw the Narnia films and decided to take away the lion and add some steampunk. 

More serious stuff tomorrow.  Don't want to escape my pleasantly-distracted mood just at present.
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Our Halloween season has been livened up by the existence of a Halloween Dragon one street away from us!  There's a newspaper story about the construction of it here (along with a photo), and a video of it in the daylight (where you can see the details better) below:

It's one of the coolest things I've ever seen.  The fellow who built this always has quite a display at his house for Halloween, but he's never done anything quite this elaborate.  There's a second video of it at twilight, here.

And for something different, here's a video of big cats playing with pumpkins, which is just amazing in its own way.


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