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So, I've been doing stuff.

I've done another embroidery-on-a-bag, this one for one of my aunts.

And I put a panda on the back of the jacket of a good friend's daughter.

And, well, there's other stuff.

I went to a cardiologist the other week to discuss what appeared to be a high resting heart rate, combined with slightly high blood pressure.  The haven't-written-the-whole-thing-up-yet short version: I have a heart!  And it does in fact go pretty darn fast: when I sleep, it's around 90 bpm.  Your average person, by comparison, is down around 50-60 bpm when they sleep.  I'll be going in again the day after tomorrow for some imaging.. and to find out what my heart does when I actually try to exercise hard, as opposed to walking at a good pace.  (I know how I feel when I exercise too hard: head pounds, get nauseous.. generally unpleasant.  Wonder what my heart's doing?)  Stay tuned!

The other thing?  We found out last week that it's not going to be feasible to have my dad in his house much longer.  The only bathroom - and hence the only shower - is upstairs.  He can get upstairs with a great deal of help, but it's going to get to the point where he just can't.  So our care managers are talking to real estate agents about single-floor apartments that can at least be accessed by wheelchair, and we'll move him sometime in the next couple of months, maybe even when we're out in May for Huz's college reunion.  Stay tuned on this point too.
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So, I had a scratchy/sore throat for about a week.  (Bad Monday, slightly better Tuesday, rotten Wednesday, better Thurs, much better/almost-all-the-way better Friday for first Carmina concert.)

The huz has now caught it, worse than me - he's got much more nose action going on, and didn't sleep well the last two nights.  Poor huz!  He will not be singing in today's concert, natch.
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Boy what a boring post.  Have a nice weekend, everyone!
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So it's been a bit of a while since I posted a life update.  Let's see...

Oh yes.  And it rained, pretty much all week long.  It's nice to see blue sky and sunshine for a change!

Sorry for the combo of length and lack of excitment!  Such is life sometimes.
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Additional suggestions on ankle improvement (and indications as to how long it may take to fully heal?) welcome.  Pain is tedious, and I want it over with.  (Of course, compared with [personal profile] hoshikage, I have really minimal amounts to complain about!)
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Good thing: It's the Thanksgiving holiday!

Bad thing: The huz caught his almost-required vacation-time cold yesterday, and stayed home rather than going and spending much of the day with parents and family.

Good thing: Lots of tasty food yesterday: decent turkey, good stuffing, good gravy, excellent sweet potatoes and rolls, and 3 different desserts, all really yummy.  (Delicate apple pie with thin apple slices that still had a lot of texture to them; a pecan pie recipe out of 'The Best of America's Test Kitchen' that didn't use huge amounts of sweetening; and my Meyer Lemon bars, this time with extra zest!)

Better thing: There were plenty of leftovers, so I was able to take back good-sized samples of everything back to the huz.  He had traditional Thanksgiving food for dinner.  I had leftover pasta, which was just fine!

Bad (but unrelated) thing: Some oxalis is successfully growing through the weed-block stuff we put down a month or so ago.  Much sadness.

Good thing: Good singing practice today!  (Especially since didn't get to practice either of the last two days.)

Zelda things: Yes, the pretty glowing crystal ball stayed outside!  Got the other one (with much hand-slapping, as it were), and made good progress through the central part of the dungeon (got to boss key, and got the small key past that in the room with many floating platforms).  Pretty glowing sword now.  But no Ooccoo - I guess Ooccoos don't live in the Twilight Realm.  Happily, all the arms of the dungeon seem pretty physically short.  Hope that the Zant heads stay dead - they seem to.  Had a nice hour playing today!
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Bleh.  Mildly sneezy, unhappy throat, bleh-fatigue.

On the other hand, on the scale of Interesting Things this week, this counts as distinctly minor
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Zelda: Bridge fixed.  Must run experiments with *where* to stand to pour spring water on Mr. Lazy-Bum Goron, at which point I'll worry about pouring while the water is hot.  Not particularly looking forward to having to go through the Lost Woods *again*.

Dad: Variable.  Stomach troubles the last few days, likely stress-related.  He has a PET scan tomorrow.

Head: Hurts some, but not nearly to the degree than it generally does for my quarterly headache.  Haven't decided yet whether to go to work or not.
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1.  Dad came home yesterday!  His depression does in fact seem to be basically gone, although according to the social worker, he's still 'fragile'.  (Surprise, surprise.)  His memory, both short and, alas, long, are another matter entirely, and that's presumably why he's having a PET scan next week.  And the aphasia?  Well, it's there.  He's not been told about the diagnosis for a couple of reasons: it's only tentative, and they realize perfectly well that *if* he were told right now, we'd probably have a relapse on our hands.  But, he's home and seemed pretty happy about it last night.  :)

2.  I raced very well in Wave Race last night, and had more than sufficient points after the fourth race in the series to finally open up the other two courses in the Normal Mode.  And ended up third overall in terms of points in the six races - whee!

3.  It's Friday.  Just about always a good thing.  :)

4.  We're seeing a bunch of local storyreading friends this weekend!

5.  In only two weeks, we'll be seeing a whole bunch of less-local storyreading friends!!!!  Yaaaaaay!
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Seen on Google News:

"Vitamin D Lowers Risk of Death"

'Scuse me, but, erhm,  everybody dies.  It's one of those 100% things.
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Not bothering to friend-lock this.  No emo here, and I'm guessing that relatively few people outside of friends read this LJ anyway.  :)
Dad: Still there (not really surprising).  Not that much has happened yet as far as I can tell.  He has appointments for two things on Tuesday: one thing that Mom said was an EKG, but I think *must* be an EEG, and one with the neurologist - which had been set up some time before - to review the results of the neurological testing he did back in July.  And his regular psych comes back from vacation this week.  Talking to him today he seemed pretty depressed, which Mom confirmed when I chatted with her.  Sigh.

Me: Doing better now.  I've adjusted to The New Normality, such as it is: he's where he is, I call him every couple of days, and call Mom every night and try to help her de-stress.  My appetite, which had largely left, is back to basically normal, and I've had three good nights' sleep in a row now!  Also, played significant Zelda on Saturday... there, I *must* be feeling better, right?  ;)  Time spent working with pencil, paper, and 3 coins to do the second part of the Snowpeak Block Puzzle: approximately 1 minute.  <grin>  Admittedly, one of the blocks happened to be in the perfect spot when I decided that a real-world copy would be useful.  But still!  I'd seen references to Snowpeak Ice Block Puzzle in many different walkthroughs and kind of assumed it was a difficult puzzle.  ..Unless there's another ice block puzzle somewhere in the mansion, which is entirely possible...

Weekend: Mostly very cool so far. 
    Yesterday we went to see the world premiere of a musical version of Jane Austen's novel Emma.  It was very very very good!  Folks in our area, you should go see it!  Folks not in our area, hopefully it will be making its way to a stage near you sometime, and you should go see it when it does!
    Today I did church in the morning, and we've done mostly useful stuff today.  Sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, downloading Wave Race... ya know, useful stuff.  ;)
    No particular plans for today.  Get haircuts, pay a visit to GameStop and get rid of Super Monkey Balls (and possibly pick up something else - the huz has a hankering for Super Paper Mario), make soup, clean the bathtub.  And do nice things together.

Sound like a plan? :)
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Bleh: Still not feeling all the way better. Getting tired of being tired! On the other hand, I was able to get to work yesterday and get stuff done (with a 35-minute lie-down when I got home) AND go for a 15-20 minute walk after dinner.  So I must be getting better, right?

Cute: So as most of you know, we've got five cats at the moment: Tazz (my usual userpic), Billie (she's chipped and inoculated and everything now!), Fluffy, and Fluffy's remaining two children, Mouse and Callie (we were able to get the other three adopted when they were kittens).  Mouse is named for his temperment; he's quite skittish, and his general inclination is to run whenever he sees a human.  He will approach if he sees there's petting or food to be had, though.  Anyway, last night I was petting Mouse, reaching under him to his belly with both hands.  After a little while, he rolled over on his back and let me pet him on his tummy!    It was soooooooo cuuuuuuute... :)
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I stayed home from work today, because even after what ought to have been a perfectly fine night's sleep, I felt too tired and sleepy to drive 20 minutes safely - and knew that if I did manage that, that I'd be exhausted by the time I got to work and would want to go sleep.

(A sign of how not-cogent I was this morning: While putting away the dry dishes this morning, I stuck one of the stainless steel dinner knives into the knife block... and didn't notice that I'd done so till after breakfast.)

I spent the day messing about on the computer, playing Zelda for a while (more poes, another piece of heart, another golden bug or two.  Time to go off and do plot stuff now), taking a couple of hour-long lie-downs, and finished rereading Harry Potter 6.  I did actually cry this time round; I hadn't when we read it aloud in my book group.  HP7 arrived on Monday, and is sitting temptingly on the coffee table.

Hopefully I'll be up for driving and doing stuff tomorrow.  It was an okay day today, but you know?  I prefer being productive if I can.  I doubt that I'll make it to skating; I walked to the grocery with the huz earlier and was completely and totally oh-my-god-I'm-tired-now bushed, so I'm guessing I should reserve my energy for things like, well, driving and doing lab work.
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Good thing: The nausea that accompanied my migraine last night (and which might have been caused by same) is completely gone!

Bad thing: The migraine isn't gone yet.  Give it another day or three.  (catagon, I'm gonna try to make it to rehearsal tonight!)

Good thing: Link rescued the kid in the forest earlier today, and didn't even have to go into a dungeon to do so!

Bad thing: Playing Zelda for half an hour was probably not what the migraine needed to get better.  But I was bored, dangitall.

Good thing: I can use the computer at least *some*.

Bad thing: But not for more than oh, half an hour or so.  So I can't really write anything more interesting than this post.  (I've got a Karl Jenkins post in the works, though.)

General thing: Hugs all round to everyone who's having a sucky time these days.  There seems to be something just going around in the 'bad karma' department.  May everyone's week improve!


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