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Today was overall quite nice, with some excitement scattered here and there.

Trees, travel, cooking and sleep )

Soon it will be bedtime!  And then it will be the weekend!  Skating, Harry Potter, and sleep, yay!
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Things not done:
hedge trimming (due mostly to still-healing sprained finger)
lawn mowing (ditto)
general cleaning (laziness)

Things done:
OSH shopping trip (doorknob, paint, assorted gutter bend and extension pieces)
listening to more music
helping install new doorknob
generally kicking back and relaxing

My goal for the holiday weekend in Zelda was to find and defeat the mid-boss of the Goron Mines dungeon.  (Having found the mid-boss for the Forest Temple kinda difficult, and having required three tries to deal with him, a weekend seemed like a reasonable guesstimate for the next one.) 

Somewhat to my surprise, I completed this goal Friday evening.

I found - and defeated - the boss of the dungeon earlier today.  Whoa.

Now I need to go back in and open all the money-chests and such that I didn't bother with earlier 'cuz my wallet was totally full.  (Link was able to go on a shopping spree after completing the dungeon and is now feeling poor.)  Plus there's a heart piece that I missed!  Hope Midna doesn't mind that she's going to see the inside of the dungeon again.
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Anyone out there have any experience in replacing doorknobs?  The shafts on the inside of one half of the apparatus that look like they're supposed to secure the screws from the other half have completely broken off their half.  So the doorknob comes apart if one is not very careful.  Is this the sort of job we can likely do ourselves, or do we need to call our handy-dandy contractor guy?


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