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I have caught the huz's cold.  His has progressed relatively rapidly, so hopefully I'll be in decent shape for rehearsals and concert this next week.  But meanwhile, my nasal passages hurt and my nose is all drippy.

Also, why is it that game designers think that one good way to make the final boss battle super-hard is primarily to make it multiple stages, with no save point in between stages, in addition to making each of the stages at least moderately difficult???  Super Paper Mario does this.  The huz, after succeeding in the first stage and going through a lot of dialogue, failed the second stage due partially to a paucity of healing items and partially to the fact that that boss is, well, hard to do damage to, and hits really hard.

Happily, there's still a whole day of weekend left before heading back to work!
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For anyone interested in Super Paper Mario:

For heaven's sake, when you've opened up the gerbil wheel room in chapter 2-3, go look at a walkthrough.  It is a (1) dumb puzzle to which Nintendo (2) somehow managed to fail to provide the player with a clue for, until after the required task has already been completed,  i.e. you don't know exactly what you're working for, and you don't meet the character with that information until after you've already done what he needs you to do in order for the next thing to happen.  And when the solution to a puzzle involves the player sitting and being bored for over 5 minutes, that's just ridiculous.

This was even worse than the boss battle at the end of chapter 1, where there was no real indication as to *how* you were supposed to effectively target its weak spot.  That was another walkthrough moment.

Sigh.  Much of the game is very good, but there are occasional aggravating issues.
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Link was exceedingly dense while wandering around Snowpeak earlier.

Number of times he attempted to carry a cannonball past the rotating ice-dragon creatures in cages, or throw the ball up to a level spot, or similar, before realizing there were holes in the cages through which he could bash the creatures: More than I care to remember.

But once I noticed the holes, boyoboy, progress!  I've got the (erhm) key to the bedroom.. and while the map shows no boss, I cannot believe that There Is No Boss There.  There's also another chest which I haven't gotten to yet, which I'm assuming is the second heart piece (since all the other chests are gone now, and I have one but not two heart pieces from Snowpeak).  It's the one on the second floor of the main hallway, which I'm sort of assuming will involve the three chandeliers.  If only I could reliably make that dratted ice skeleton fall off the stairs and die, life would be considerably simpler with regards to solving this puzzle!

And, still in Zelda-land, the huz and I ran an experiment last night.  He did some Librivox recording stuff in the office with the door closed, and I played Zelda in the living room on the lowest audible volume setting (and kept my mutterings quiet).  No videogame noise on the recording!  Huzzah!  So now, while I will probably often choose to stick audiobooks on my Shuffle and do cross-stitch while the huz records, just 'cuz that's something I don't actually get to do very often, I know I have the option of game-playing!  Eeeee, excitement!

Meanwhile, we sold Super Monkey Balls back to the local Gamestop for a surprisingly reasonable amount, and put the credit from that towards a used copy of Super Paper Mario.  The huz played all of chapter 1-1, and has gotten his second Pixl in the town in chapter 1-2.  It's huge fun to watch.  Pretty graphics, if stylized, and the flipping from one dimension to the other is a real hoot.  (Giant Mario is - not to pun - an even bigger hoot.)  The dialogue so far is really very clever, and the play is pretty straightforward.  One minor blow to Nintendo, though: there's NOTHING in the manual (and I think, similarly, NOTHING from Tippy, your hint-Pixl that you start out with) about how to enter a pipe.  The huz would have gotten really frustrated had I not had a moment of insight there in the middle of chapter 1-2.

Finally, as I mentioned in my last post, we downloaded Wave Race 64 the other day, based on my vague but month-long desire for a racing game just to have something different that was a good pick-up-and-play-a-few-minutes game, and on the IGN review of it.  It's fun!  I'm not even vaguely competent yet at doing any of the tricks (barrel rolls and flips off the ramps, doing a handstand or facing backwards or standing up while riding), but I have mostly gotten over the initial difficulty I had with oversteering.  Just playing around in the practice area is a lot of fun.  We both think that IGN went a bit overboard in claiming that the water physics are still the best around, though.  They're fine.  They're quite nice.  Amazing, I'm afraid they just aren't.  But at $10, I'm not going to complain.  :)


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