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Ganked from Nathan Fillion's blog (he comes up as Kaylee):

Your results:
You are Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)

Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic)
Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)
Wash (Ship Pilot)
Derrial Book (Shepherd)
Malcolm Reynolds (Captain)
Inara Serra (Companion)
River (Stowaway)
A Reaver (Cannibal)
Jayne Cobb (Mercenary)
Dependable and trustworthy.
You love your significant other and
you are a tough cookie when in a conflict.

Click here to take the Serenity Firefly Personality Test

Not what I expected.  Not sure who I would have expected.  Inarra, maybe.  Amused to score higher as a Reaver than as Jayne.

Also amused to find that Malcolm Reynolds = Nathan Fillion = Captain Hammer, which is how I found this meme in the first place.  See what I do for fun Friday nights?

I'm sure my post rate will decrease again soon. Apologies for the spamminess; I thought I'd put up the prepackaged baked goods review earlier today.

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Yoinked from [profile] nezumiko:

What Kind of Fairy Are You?
Your Result: Homestyle Fairy

Some might mistake you for a boring and traditional hearth type of fairy, but you're so much more than that! You can cook, you can clean, you can garden, you can sing, you can organize--in short, you're a magical creature any of us would be lucky to have in our homes. You smell delightful, and your wings are made of cheesecloth. You have an affinity for kitchens, human children, gardens, reality cooking shows, and chocolate.

Granola Fairy
Airy Fairy
Invisible Fairy
Cranky Fairy
Gadget Fairy
Party Fairy
Darkling Fairy
What Kind of Fairy Are You?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz
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Having been tagged by [profile] nezumiko and having seen this spread around my f-list like wildfire today, I'll give it a shot.  I'll see what I can do about finding 10 things that most folks don't know about me.

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From [profile] haamel :

I Am A: Neutral Good Elf Wizard (4th Level)

Ability Scores:

Neutral Good A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order. However, neutral good can be a dangerous alignment because because it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable.

Elves are known for their poetry, song, and magical arts, but when danger threatens they show great skill with weapons and strategy. Elves can live to be over 700 years old and, by human standards, are slow to make friends and enemies, and even slower to forget them. Elves are slim and stand 4.5 to 5.5 feet tall. They have no facial or body hair, prefer comfortable clothes, and possess unearthly grace. Many others races find them hauntingly beautiful.

Wizards are arcane spellcasters who depend on intensive study to create their magic. To wizards, magic is not a talent but a difficult, rewarding art. When they are prepared for battle, wizards can use their spells to devastating effect. When caught by surprise, they are vulnerable. The wizard's strength is her spells, everything else is secondary. She learns new spells as she experiments and grows in experience, and she can also learn them from other wizards. In addition, over time a wizard learns to manipulate her spells so they go farther, work better, or are improved in some other way. A wizard can call a familiar- a small, magical, animal companion that serves her. With a high Intelligence, wizards are capable of casting very high levels of spells.

Find out What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be?, courtesy of Easydamus (e-mail)
I'm guessing the Elf is from the short and slim physique, certainly not any particular attractiveness on my part!  Was pleased (not very surprised) to come up as a Wizard.
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Taking the lead from [personal profile] xse99 who picked it up from a post of [personal profile] orichalcum's, here are 10 things I'm thankful for.

1. My wonderful husband and family of cats, and extended family.

2. The fact that some of the drugs he's taking seem to be helping my dad's memory and language difficulties.

3. Awesome friends, near and far, all close to my heart.

4. The creativity of said friends and family, which results in wonderful things like writing and food.

5. The presence of Meyer lemons at Whole Foods earlier tonight, which will turn into ice cream and lemon bars.

6. That Opium Season finally got to the library today, so I can read it over break.

7. That we have a break now!

8. That the Bay Area is having a bout of very pretty (albeit cold) weather.

9. That the Wii has been out for a year, and has a mess of good games for me to play.

10.  That my voice teacher is amazing and cool and has gotten my voice to a really nice place.

Hmm, I gotta stop?  ;)

Happy T-day, all!
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The happiness meme, taking the baton from [profile] nezumiko:
List 10 things that made you happy recently.  (Tag 10 friends and ask them to do the same in their LJ - I'm not doing this part, but just inviting anyone who wishes to participate.)

1. Seeing [profile] havenstone's book review in the NYTimes the other day.  Go Joel!!!!!

2. My mom's awesome work situation.

3. Finishing our front yard planting area project, after a lot of weekends of hard work

4. Singing in choir last night, with the addition of two new people, and being pleased at the process of learning new music and at the sound we made.

5. Getting the Double Clawshot in Zelda the other day.  Web-swinging it ain't, but it'll definitely be helpful!

6. Looking at the red, orange, yellow, and green leaves of some of the deciduous trees (yes, we get them out here) against a fall-blue sky.

7. Having Tazz Cat sleeping on my lap while watching part of a silly movie.

8. Re-ligating one of my libraries and having the transformation work properly as a result, thus saving me from having to redo that library from scratch

9. Listening to kayray's narration of a section of The Golden Age, by Kenneth Grahame.

10. Noticing the almost perfect heart shape that the silhouette of the branches of three palm trees formed against the evening sky.
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I'm slightly behind on my meme-age, so I'll post a couple.

From [ profile] r_ness:

What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Dedicated Reader

You are always trying to find the time to get back to your book. You are convinced that the world would be a much better place if only everyone read more.

Literate Good Citizen
Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Book Snob
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
Create Your Own Quiz

I'm guessing the little bar in 'Fad Reader' is 'cuz I answered "mostly stuff in one genre" when asked about what I mostly read.

From [ profile] nezumiko:

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Bread.I taste like Bread.

I am a staple in almost everyone's diet. Friends like me are a complement to any other friends I get on with almost everyone, remaining mostly in the background, but providing substance when it would otherwise be lacking. What Flavour Are You?

I was initially really annoyed when I got this, because I think I ought to me more interesting than bread. But you know? I realized that bread (good bread, anyway) is actually one of my favorite things to eat, so therefore the answer at least fits.
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And some appropriate for where I am, even!  (But mostly just funny.)

Kitty needs his meds...
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A meme from [personal profile] ladybird97!
Here are the 100 most frequently challenged books in the US, 1990-2000, according to the American Library Association - that is, books that people have wanted to ban. Bold the ones you've read.  (Looks like I've read 33.  I may have read more of the Blume books; it's been a very long time since then, so I don't remember quite.)

Long list )
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This seemed particularly appropriate after my recent post


1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers - Password: landmark
3. Take the 'Career Matchmaker' questions at the upper left corner
4. Post the top 10 results.

Results: (before answering supplemental questions)
1. Massage Therapist
2. Marine Biologist
3. Pet Groomer
4. Zoologist
5. Electrician
6. Autobody Repairer
7. Prosthetist/orthotist
8. Esthetician
9. Locksmith
10. Botanist

This is interesting mostly in the first two.  Many people I know (including my mother-in-law) insist that I could have a secondary career in massage.  And for a number of years when I was a kid, I was positive I wanted to be a marine biologist.  Endless Ocean, here I come!

other amusing ones:
12. Security systems tech  --  ??
15, Veterinary tech  --  after all the business with Bernie Cat, I actually have a lot of skills here
17. Musical instrument builder and repairer  --- could be fun
18. Biologist -- ahaha, there we go!
38. Gunsmith  -- ???!? (I guess it's low down on the list!)

Results after supplemental questions:

1. Acupuncturist
2. Picture framer
3. Stenographer
4. Microbiologist
5. Massage therapist
6. Zoologist
7. Biologist
8. Orthodontist
9. Esthetician
10. Optometrist

????  Must be because I didn't put 'like' after most of the 'study of X' ones.  They're all plausible, mind you; I just didn't feel strongly one way or the other

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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

This is a lot better than most of the other sorting quizzes out there. It's not nearly so obvious as most of them... and I think it's the first to sort me into the house that I've always mentally sorted myself into. (In-depth results for anyone who cares: Hufflepuff - 16, Ravenclaw - 13, Gryffindor - 11, Slytherin - 6.)

Thanks, kayray!

Still feeling kind of ugh-ish, but not so much so as yesterday. I think I'll try going in to work.
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Spreading the joy of various things...

I didn't know about lolcats (and assorted lol-fill-in-the-animal-here creations) till about two days ago.  Here's a cool snail pic with caption  over on I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?.

(Personally, I prefer the pics and captions over at maybe because I can only take bad omgponies!-style babble for a very limited time.)

Then: I wouldn't wish this on any pet owner, but the writeup is so funny I could barely speak for laughing.  I has a sweet potato.

Have a good Memorial Day Weekend!
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You Are A: Lamb!

lambPeaceful and gentle, lambs have been used in religious imagery for millennia. Lambs are baby sheep, an animal tended by shephards since the dawn of history. As a lamb, you tend to stay together in a flock and graze on grassy land. Lambs don't mind being led and tend not to go off on their own.

You were almost a: Pony or a Mouse
You are least like a: Bear Cub or a TurtleWhat Cute Animal Are You?

I guess it's 'cos I'm a follower. Shrug!
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You Are Kermit

Hi, ho! Lovable and friendly, you get along well with everyone you know.
You're a big thinker, and sometimes you over think life's problems.
Don't worry - everyone know's it's not easy being green.
Just remember, time's fun when you're having flies!
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Having seen these on several LJs today, thought I'd get my own:

Visitor Map
Create your own visitor map!

Posts on more exciting stuff later, I promise!


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