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Jun. 19th, 2010 07:31 pm
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We went to Belmont last week.  It was, despite my multitudinous sources of anxiety about the trip, really just fine.  The memorial service and associated other stuff )

It's good to be home, in our own house - though I am forever grateful to S for giving us crash space in their spare bedroom while we were there.  It's nice to have been able to spend the day here, with our kitties, who are all very pleased that we are once more available for lap creation.  I've played some Portal, Huz beat the first dungeon in Wind Waker, we cleaned (yay for temporary decrease in household concentration of cat fur!), we've made and eaten our own dinner.  Looking forward to a quiet evening and a pleasant day tomorrow.  Extremely grateful that we came back on a Friday night and have two whole days instead of just one to rest and recover before getting back to normal life.

All done!

Jun. 14th, 2010 06:47 pm
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It went!  Furthermore, it went well.  We had lots of people, and I'll write up a more detailed thit

But yeah.  Fall down, go boom now. 

I think Mom would be pleased.
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I learned today that hotel restaurants get a little nervous when you start talking about a dinner for 14-17 people.  I hadn't thought about the matter at all from their point of view, but it turns out that that's above whatever their magic number is for turning a meal into a Function. 

I have been given daily and dessert menus for the hotel restaurant and asked to select 2-3 dishes from each main category, so the restaurant can put together simplified menus for people in my group.  This makes life easier for the kitchen staff, it happens.  Appetizers are pretty easy - New England Clam Chowder and house salad; main course selections will be the roast chicken, the single vegetarian option, and a seared salmon.  Dessert is tougher... How am I supposed to narrow down from a list of key lime cheesecake, triple berry shortcake with raspberry sauce, Boston cream pie, fresh berry pavlova and Grand Marnier whipped cream, Midnight Madness (I assume a very chocolate cake), and locally made fresh ice cream?  I want one of each!  Ah, decisions, decisions..
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Good thing:  My outfit from Talbots came yesterday!

Bad thing:  There are serious creases in the lined linen skirt from, well, having been folded and shipped cross-country.  Dear interwebs, how do I deal with this?  Can I just iron it, or (because it's dry clean only) must I take it to a dry cleaner to be properly pressed?

Good thing: I just went ahead and bought a copy of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth today!

Bad, completely unrelated thing: Someone, probably one or more squirrels, have completely denuded our cherry tree of fruit.  Sigh.

Good thing: Almost the weekend!

Bad thing:  Nothing bad to see here.  Please move along.  :)  (EDIT: Oh wait.  Allergies and pollen.  Pollen comes right through our open windows; we don't live in an AC/filtered air building.)


May. 27th, 2010 03:52 pm
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First, the Android app Google Sky is several kinds of awesome.  You point it at the sky - or anywhere, actually, though it's most useful at night pointing up - and it tells you what stars and planets you're looking at!  It's also searchable; you put in a star, planet, or constellation, and an arrow appears on the screen telling you what direction to move your phone, until you reach the area of the feature.  Then it circles the feature with an orange circle.  Apparently there are Hubble images of several things too, but we haven't fiddled around with that part yet.  The only downside is that you can't zoom in and out in the standard sky view; I'd like to see a little more sky on the screen at once.  Other than that, very cool app!

Second, my subconscious is telling me that I'm focusing waaaaay too much on Mom's memorial service.  I dreamed last night that I was at the church where the service will be held, a day or two before the actual service to review stuff.  The choir was singing something pretty and pleasant, but I did kind of notice that it wasn't either of the pieces I'd asked for.  Then I took a look at the program, which for some reason had an obituary in it.  Thing is, it was (of course!) not Mom's, it was for some guy named Penny who'd been a mountain climber.  The title had something to do with "... On the Wire."*  As it was only a couple of days beforehand, we couldn't get new programs printed in time.  I commented rather acidly that it was somehow absolutely typical of Mom that she would end up with someone else's obit, though I'm not certain now why I thought so at the time.  (Perhaps I thought it was related to her remarkable ability to lose really important things?)

Anyway.  I have a draft of my eulogy bit.  It's not very good, but I'll leave it alone for a day or two and edit it later.  And "Dad's" portion is starting to come along too.  Today's business: emailing the funeral home about delivery of ashes to the church, and emailing the person in charge of Sunday flowers to see what could be done in terms of special flowers so that we could use them the next day for the service.

*The wire bit I attribute to the bit of Broken Sword Director's Cut that we played last night.   There was a puzzle involving some wire.  The people who wrote the Ireland section of the game designed lousy puzzles that are either solvable by accidentally clicking on something without a clear idea of what would happen, or you have to go through a completely silly rigmarole to get the key component you need for another puzzle.  In the latter case, the background of a nearby location seems to indicate that said key component is RIGHT THERE, but you can't interact with it in any way.
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I just got email from the choirmaster at my mom's church.  There will be 22 choristers for my mom's service!  It's a quite sizeable response - the full choir is around 40 people I think.  (Admittedly, each participant is going to be getting paid for their singing, but they're doing quite a lot of music so that's fine.)

22.  Wow!


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