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Hmm.  Got the last two goodies (Boost Ball and Space Boots - that's double-jump for the layperson) without having to fight anyone big and mean.  Admittedly, acquiring the Space Boots required a fairly iggy skill check with the Boost Ball, which was its own special sort of annoying, but at least nobody was trying to eat me.  Hmm.  Wanna bet there's a big nasty waiting for me for the next goodie?

Also, lava pools suck.  Jumping from one point to another across them without falling *in* (and taking continuous damage, thank you!) will likely be easier now that I've got the space boots.
Spent a good couple of hours in bed during the day being semiconscious and mildy fevery.  Probably a good decision not to go to work.  (Check that - given that I took two serious lie-downs, and obviously needed both, definitely a good decision not to go to work!)

I've also spent a decent amount of time the last couple of days reading Guy Gavriel Kay's novel Ysabel.  I'm only about halfway through it, but am generally enjoying it.  I have to admit though - Early on, there's a scene in a church with a scary bald guy that made me think that perhaps a certain author had read The DaVinci Code and figured he could do better.  Generally fortunately, it's gone off and done its own thing since then, though the plot does feel kind of like books I've read or movies I've seen before.  (I'm only halfway through; we'll see if he has any surprises up his sleeve plotwise come the end.)  Kay does, however, absolutely nail the feel of the light and history in Provence, which is pretty cool.  Keeps reminding me of the exchange program I did senior year of high school, where I spent the second of the two weeks in Provence.

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Well, it didn't take me too long to acclimate to first-person 3d; the last couple of times I've played, the sessions have been around an hour, leaving me perhaps a little dizzy at the end, but not nearly-ill the way I was last week.

I like this game!  While it's true that fights are performed with just a ray/missile gun (which I thought would detract from the experience, but it doesn't really), the puzzle solving and exploration are very Zelda-ish in feel, but with a significant difference.  In Zelda, there's dungeons (each of which uses the tools you've acquired already, plus whatever goodie you get from the midboss) and the overworld (where you can initially explore areas with very few tools, but then more sub-areas open up as you get more tools).  In Metroid Prime, there's no distinction.  Everywhere I've gone (admittedly not very far yet!) I've seen places where I know I'll be able to go farther once I get the spiderball, boost ball, different raygun type, etc.  And, happily, not every upgrade has been a reward of a boss fight; there's one that was the result of a puzzle solution, there's one behind a door that's unlockable only after you have a particular tool... It's kind of nice. 

Now that I'm back at work, of course, my available playtime has decreased again.  Ah well; one of the things that weekends are for.
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One irritating thing about Metroid Prime is that saving is not an anytime-you-like affair; you are governed by that archaicism, the save point.  As a result, played 5-10 minutes more than I really wanted to.  Fortunately, only sort of dizzy as a result.  25 min = Too Long.
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I got tired of Paper Mario: 1000-Year Door after about 20 hours of play.  I don't know why, but it's just not engaging enough.  And you know, I have few enough gaming hours that I should spend them playing games I really enjoy.

I'd been planning on acquiring Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers shortly after Christmas and doing that, but the reviews of it are short enough of stellar that I can wait until it drops in price as a used pickup.  Huz bought a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy around Thanksgiving, and has been enjoying Metroid Prime a lot.  So I decided to give it a go.

Metroid Prime nattering; early mild spoiler )


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