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Jun. 3rd, 2009 08:26 am
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Our city had a special election yesterday on the question of whether to raise property taxes to help pay for K-8 schools.   While there were more yes votes than no votes, we didn't quite get the 66% we needed to pass the measure.

Drat and foo.

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I had a voice lesson today!  We stayed completely on topic, were very technical, and got some good work done.  Yay, makes me happy.  :)

I was able to listen to some of Obama's address to the joint Congress this evening on my way home.  And I came up with an idea when he started talking about tax cuts for bunches of people. 

I don't know whether the huz and I are going to end up qualifying for a tax cut.  I do know we don't make enough to qualify for a tax hike!  But I've told various friends on various occassions that gee, I like my government services: education, roads, police & fire, etc, and if it becomes necessary to increase my taxes to pay for these things, please go right ahead!  Yes, that's right: tax me! 

We happen to be very fortunate, financially speaking; we have quite sufficient to pay our mortgage, and no ongoing large expenses (e.g. kids).  I am fully aware that a lot of people will greatly appreciate (and in some cases, rather desperately need) any tax cuts they get; that's fine, that's who the tax cuts should be helping.  I also know that there are likely to be cuts everywhere  at city, state, and federal levels to try to start balancing budgets. 

So here's my idea.  If by some mischance we end up with an income tax break, we'll tote up what would otherwise be given to the tax man and donate it someplace useful, such as the education foundation for the city we live in (it helps fund music and science programs and stuff like that), or the library foundation, or some other civic-related thing that we know could use the extra money.  (We already donate to these programs already and will continue to do so even if we don't get a tax cut, don't get me wrong!)

I honestly don't have time to do community service as President Obama would much like me to.  But I do have the wherewithal to help pay the people who help run those services.
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I don't actually have much of anything to say (we found a live webcast and watched the whole thing last night). I'd rather let [ profile] shoutingboy 's twitter-feed on it speak for me. Pretty much none of the comments are about things that got said, but they're all spot-on and pretty hilarious nonetheless. :)
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If you live in a state that holds its presidential primary tomorrow...

If you live in a state that will hold its primary later...

Go Vote.  No matter which party you belong to, you'll make a difference in deciding who becomes the candidate for your party.

(This public service announcement brought to you by yours truly.  I have already scribbled in my box of choice on the California Democratic Primary vote-by-mail paper ballot - the county has moved to electronic voting, which I distrust - and will drop it off at the local polling place tomorrow morning.)
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I've been seeing rumors all week long that Al Gore was in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize this year.  The huz and I were discussing it last night, and we were both like, "Well, he's lectured a whole lot, but don't you have to do something more than that to get a Nobel?"

Guess I need to go see what the whole scoop is!

In other news, finished Temple of Time last night.  Found stuff behind a pair of statues, a golden bug that (amusingly) is in the same physical location as its genderal counterpart, just in a different spot in Time, and whacked the requisite Muckin' HUGE Spider that eventually pops up in games of this sort.  Second half of the boss battle was really funny though - it's the first time that the second form hasn't been at least as whup-ass nasty as the first half.  It just wanted to get away from me!  And the game even played this cute/funny music to go along with the second form!  Poor widdle spider... ;)


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