Oct. 25th, 2013 10:14 pm
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Now I understand why my parents were so incredibly unhappy when they had back pain.

(Bad enough that at 3 pm I was calling a chiropractor's office to see if they could take me this afternoon.  Fortunately, one could; it doesn't hurt quite so much to stand up from a sitting position now.  It's still kind of hurty, mind you.)


Jul. 11th, 2013 09:30 am
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Oh right.  'Cuz I updated to G+ but forgot here: Doc said on Tuesday I have bronchitis.  Antibiotics, codeine syrup, and taking the rest of the week off from work.  Back to bed for me now!
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Holy heck.  Throat lozenges with benzocaine (local anesthetic) in them.

I'm really hoping this turns off my throat's current super-sensitivity to the tiniest amount of postnasal drip.
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I am pleased with myself for having successfully used logic at horrendous-o-clock last night.  [Warning: trigger for icky cold details.]

Background:  My husband and I both have an annoying multi-part cold that's been going around.  He's ahead of me by a day or so.  In his case it's just been various forms of miserable, currently in the long-recovery phase of a fair amount of coughing at night.  In my case it started out with post-nasal-drip throat, felt better after a few days, followed by significant head stuffiness, followed by the onset last night of the Serious Post-Nasal-Drip That Gives You A Bad Cough So You Can't Sleep part.

Come horrendous-o-clock (all I can tell you is it was sometime past 3:15 AM), I've tried propping my head and shoulders up with pillows, which doesn't help with the drippy and the cough.  I've tried putting my pillows against the wall and sitting as upright as I can manage, which also doesn't help with the drippy and the cough.  At which point, despite my fatigue, it occurs to me to try lying relatively flat, because the crux of the problem seems to be stuff dripping into my throat.  So, what happens if the crud isn't allowed to come into my throat? Happily, I'm finally able to fall asleep!

Wonder what will happen tonight?
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I've slept pretty well the last few nights, but I still wake up tired and wanting more sleep.  My nose is dry, stuffy, and irritated.  I'm sincerely hoping it's allergies rather than a cold, but it's unpleasant either way. 

Huz has been out of town (like, in Sweden) all week.  Largely with the help of friends, I think I've coped better than usual.  But it'll be nice to have him home tomorrow night.

I need to spend some time tonight tidying up before Huz comes home, as I tend to leave things all over the place if left to my own devices for short periods of time.

My knee is acting up again.  Time to re-institute knee stretches and exercises.

It's cooled off out here, thank heavens.  (Nothing bad there!)

Dad had appointments with his geriatric psychiatrist and chiropractor this week.  Geri psych doc confirmed that an assisted living facility is what's needed for him.  Um, yay, I think?  (Yes, it was the answer we were looking for, but still.  Sigh.)  Chiropractor visit was fine.  Dad has his Big Neurological Workup next Monday.
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- Still not feeling great.  A temp of 100.2 at 2 in the morning is rather outside the normal range.  However... I woke up sans fever this morning.  Maybe it'll stay that way?  You can bet I'll be bringing my Advil to work anyway.

- Went to new job yesterday!  (Yes, despite fever.  Yes, I know that was perhaps less than clever.  I bet you would too, though.)  It was nice seeing a couple of familiar faces from the old Genome Center; not much has changed there.  Illumina's sequencing technology is really really cool.

- Glad it's a four-day week.  Not certain whether I'll go to choir this evening or not; at the moment I'm leaning towards not.

Not again!

Feb. 21st, 2011 04:06 pm
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Dear Universe,

WTF with me being sick this year???

I would have thought between the flu, the resultant cough, the cat bite, the resultant infection and merry dance with antibiotics, the finger smash, and the cold last week (with new cough) that I would have gone through my quota of being less than healthy for at least a little while.

So why is it that I'm running a fever today?  I know, it's *only* 100.4 at the moment, not quite as bad as the last time I had a fever back with the flu.  But the achiness in joints I'd forgotten I had makes up for that, thank you very much.

Please make this be just a 24-hour thing.  I've got a new job to go to in the morning, and I CAN'T stay home.  The same way I couldn't stay home last week during the worst day or two of the cold.

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I.  HATE.  Colds.

'Nuff said.
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There is something to be said for really excellent cake.  (I've been lucky enough to have pieces of two different excellent cakes in the space of the last day.) 

But there's also something to be said for an honest, simple sandwich, made of whole grain bread and fresh fillings.  'Specially when it's past one's normal lunchtime.  Yay!


On another note, it is NOT FAIR that Huz and I both have ANOTHER cold.
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So!  Lots of stuff to talk about.

• As intimated in a couple of earlier posts, I now have job security!  Starting on 2/22, I'll be joining a sequencing group at my current university.  Life has apparently changed quite a bit in the sequencing world; instead of running a single reaction in a single lane (or capillary), I'll be doing Illumina-style library sequencing - hundreds and hundreds of little reactions, all in a single - very expensive - lane.  (My current professor is a little sad at the cost of materials for the project I'm doing now - about $30K for the large amounts of the two most expensive components.  It will take us about a month and a half to two months to go through those materials and complete the study.  At my new job, when I've run two of these Illumina cartridges, with about eight "lanes" for each of them, I will have gone through a roughly equal cost in materials, and I bet I'll do that on my very first day.) 
  I'm excited, naturally; among other things, I'll be working with one of the people from my *last* position, at the Genome Center.  But at the moment, the sequencing group is a little understaffed; I'll be employee #3 in the group.  I'm also nervous, of course: with the cost of materials involved, I'm terrified of making mistakes.  But it'll be neat to pick up a new set of skills.  I know that I do pretty well with process work, so I think I'll be reasonably content.  Wish me luck!

• I have a working hypothesis for the itchy spreading red area around my cat bite.  I took off the bandage that the hospital had put over the bite to show my doctor Monday evening.  He didn't have any of these fancy bandages, so gave me a different sort, which I took off later to shower.  As the bite had pretty well closed up, I didn't bother putting a new bandage on.  The redness mostly went away.  A day or two later after I showered, I noticed that the remaining red area (inflamed a bit by the hot shower, and so more noticeable than previously) had an unusual shape to it that exactly followed the outline of the bandage.  I'd forgotten that my mother, my brother, and I all have sensitive skin, but I would bet that I have a contact allergy to some component of Coverlet Adhesive Dressing, probably the adhesive.  Oh, and doxycyclene is kinder to my system than clindamycin and sulfameth were.  I'll still be glad to be done with antibiotics, but, well...

• Check out the videos at Nova's Making Stuff miniseries site.  David Pogue has been hosting a series of programs on materials science, and the third program aired this past week.  Full episodes about making stuff stronger, smaller, and cleaner are available online, and making stuff smarter is next week.  This week's episode on 'cleaner' had no fewer than three jaw-dropping moments for me (one each in new methods of car component production, plastic bag reuse, and fuel cell development), and is well worth your time.

Oh joy.

Jan. 31st, 2011 08:49 pm
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Clindamycin is well known for inducing Clostridium difficile infections

Guess what one of my antibiotics is?  Guess what lovely new symptom I've developed?

(My doctor, by the way, is not particularly concerned about the red swelling.  He *was* concerned about the antibiotics: the clindamycin for the reason stated above, and the sulfa because according to a handy little book, cat bite infections tend to be resistant to it.  I have been given instructions to switch to doxycyclene.  If my, um, current symptoms persist through the night, the doctor is getting a call in the morning to say "Guess what?")

Yogurt and GatorAde consumption commencing... sigh....


On another note, Huz has downloaded Assassin's Creed 2.  It's very pretty.
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Bad: Area of itchy red slightly hurty area increased again since last night.

Good: I have a doctor's appt to get it looked at this afternoon.

Bad: This makes today really complicated, workwise.

Good: I got confirmation that Other Professor and Person Making Hiring Decision really do want to hire me!!!  More on this later when I have time to post about it, prolly tonight.
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On the theory that the large red (slightly swollen) itchy area around the bite is an allergic reaction, I've taken a tablet of (expired) Benadryl.  We'll see whether that does any good.
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Being kept awake for seriously large sections of the night by coughing is Not Fun.  Then (finally) falling asleep, only to be awakened by your cell phone ringing at Perfectly Reasonable Time on the East Coast but Stupidly Early on the West Coast, is also less than amusing.  My phone now has a setting which I have named Dead: no ringer or vibration.  Ever. For anything.  Period.

(I've been sleeping out in the living room for almost 2 weeks now, due to Huz being sick then me being sick - I figure that at least one of us should get some sleep, no matter how noisy the other person needs to be!  There's no clock in the room, so I've used my cell phone as a clock.  Last night, I forgot for the first time to put the phone on Silent mode overnight.  Blargh.)

Oh, and I went to work today.  Coughed a bunch and have the same extremely minimal amount of voice now as I did yesterday, but I went!  I will call our choirmaster tomorrow to inform him that I have no voice and won't be at choir rehearsal.  Hmm.. yeah, this *is* an improvement over lots of last week, but it's still mighty tiresome.
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Woke up a couple of times during the night to cough up gunk (yes, the cough part has hit), but after being awake for some time at 7 or so this morning, I did get back to sleep and slept till 10:30.  Overall, I think I must have gotten something around 9 hours of sleep last night, which is a Good Thing.

Getting better.  Very slowly, but getting better.
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Wow.  That Claritin-D stuff is powerful.  It's probably similar overall to taking regular Claritin plus a dose of Sudafed, except that the decongestant part is geared to work for 24 hours.  There's a lot of that decongestant thing, and I'll bet that there's a "non-drowsy" descriptor somewhere on the package.  Not, shall we say, recommended for right before bed.

It did work.  I was (after a while) able to breathe pretty freely, which meant I was mostly able to sleep (after a while).  And the decongestant part does seem to be continuing to work, ~15 hours after I took the thing.  It doesn't mean I'm not still blowing my nose regularly, or that I'm completely well in any other way.  But... my throat hurts less, which is a good step as far as I'm concerned.  Still not going to choir tomorrow though - it does still hurt, and I'm rather hoarse.

And it's supposed to get up to ~65 degrees today.  Wooo!

And it's a long weekend.  I have an interview Monday, but not till 1, which means I can sleep late and shower first.  And hopefully there's enough time between now and then that I'll be largely recovered.
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1.  Still sick.  Still at home.
2.  Better than yesterday, mostly.
    2a.  Exception: Last night noticed lots of little bumps at the back of my throat.  Hurts swallowing, but it's done that all week.
3.  Little bumps still there this morning.
    3a.  Called doctor's office; they told me to come in.
4.  Doctor thinks it looks normal.  (I think it's still got little bumps, but what do I know?)
    4a. Doctor made sure that I was feeling better than earlier in the week, asked about what medications I was taking and what I was doing for relief, and told me to carry on.  If I start feeling worse I should call them.

So... I am getting better.  Slowly.  Interview is rescheduled for Monday.

edited for spelling and a missing preposition - should make more sense now
edited again to add that Ep 13 of Tutu is mighty impressive.  If it were the actual end of the sequence as opposed to the halfway point, there were things I would have done differently, but whatever.
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My nose and head are somewhat clearer.  I'm pretty definitely less miserable than I was yesterday at this time.  But I seem to be moving on to The Cough That Does Not Die, if Huz's experience is anything to go by.

*sigh*  I wonder if I'll go to work tomorrow?


In other news, I am up to Volume 9 of Girl Genius, and have watched 10 of the 26 episodes of Princess Tutu.  The story is surprisingly emotionally engaging, though it took its sweet time about getting going.  It's good to have something dramatic and pretty in 26-minute segments to hang out and watch.

And for something a little different, I have to thank [livejournal.com profile] digitalemur  for the following Top Gear video, in which they try very hard to destroy a particular Toyota truck: here, and my brother, who gave me this other Top Gear video link in return.

I guess Top Gear is like Mythbusters, but with a focus on cars?


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