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My husband and I are considering signing up for streaming Netflix.  I've poked a little bit at their selections and am impressed, but slightly skeptical.  While looking for a different film (which they don't seem to have), _The Pirates! Band of Misfits_ came up... which is still playing at my local theater, having only opened a month ago.

I note that there isn't any indication as to _when_ it will be available on Netflix, nor yet whether it'll be available as a stream, disc, or both.  WTH? 

How far can I trust the not-yet-a-member browsing feature?  What's your experience with streaming Netflix and its catalog?
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You may remember a little over a month ago I tried out Android's movie store and player and came to the conclusion that watching a movie on a laptop would probably work better. For our recent trip to Boston I decided to give Apple's Itunes movie rental service a go.

Thumbs up! )

New toy!

May. 14th, 2011 10:30 pm
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I has a smartphone!  I've, um, had it since late Wednesday, and have generally been too busy fiddling with it to post about it, and it's a little late in the evening to write a long post now.  Suffice it to say, I really like my T-Mobile G2x, and will gloat in detail soon.

No, this isn't written on the phone.  Haven't got an LJ app yet.  Also need to order a microSD card.
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Courtesy of [ profile] digitalemur :

This post is public for a reason. Go ahead and pass on the info if you like!

So you've locked down your journal as much as you can in your user settings, and you've asked your friends not to repost comments they make on your LJ.

Maybe you've also installed some of the anti-Facebook Firefox add-ons while you were at it.

Can you make those damn twitter and Facebook boxes at the bottom of posts and comments go away?

Well yes, it appears maybe you can, in Firefox.

First, you install Greasemonkey, a scripting add-on for Firefox.

Then, you install DisConnect, a script that runs in Greasemonkey.

Then you restart your browser, and I think you may have to reload some entry pages, or maybe I started this post before I was done installing so those boxes still showed up.

This is also reportedly handy if you use a screenreader, or if you're one of those people who liked hitting tab-enter to post a comment, a behavior that changed for the worse with this particular LJ update.



And, joining the crowd of 'please do not cross-post me to FB and Twitter'... this little jobbie will make that MUCH EASIER.  Just Do It.  Thank you!
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I am currently using a Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5 named Corin.  Like many of the computers I've owned, it's a hand-me-down from Huz.  On the floor, we have Fred, an eMac (big hunk of CRT monitor plus innards), who is currently committing seppuku thirty-five times over in a valiant attempt to really completely overwrite his hard drive.  Also on the floor, we have Milo, a Power Mac G3 who will also need to be plugged in one last time (also Tock, his external hard drive, who I think was an astonishing-at-the-time 500MB disk). 

These computers have sat on the floor for a very long time, making it difficult to navigate to the bookshelf and the phone without clambering over some combination of plastic, metal, and silicon.  All of them served their purpose reasonably well, for a while.

The floor now also having, in addition to the usual mess of outdated tech and file boxes, the contents of the closet (taken out so that the work people could get up into the attic to install our new furnace), it's become just about impassable in here, period.  I think it's that fact that's finally stimulated us (me) to prepare our old computers for disposal - I just can't  imagine anyone would want them as donations. 

But even so, it's a little sad to say farewell to these electronic companions.  Farewell Fred, who I hauled in the passenger seat of my car to the local computer store for repairs more than once.  Farewell Milo, who was very good with letters and numbers and spent a great deal of time wondering what to do with himself.  And while we're at it, raise a glass to Sophocles, Huz's college computer, and Mr. Compatibility, the first computer that was really mine. 

Thanks.  You served well. 

But I'll be glad to have that floor space back.


UPDATE:  I got back from work last night (Friday) to find a flier on my door advertising a free recycling day: one could put out any of a number of things (including TVs and computers) and they'd be picked up the next morning by the recycling company for free.  Bonus, I thought, I don't have to take Fred any farther than the sidewalk!  So I merrily ported Fred and his keyboard to the sidewalk with the recycling flier taped to it before going off and meeting friends for dinner. 

When Huz and I got back several hours later, I was astonished to see that Fred was gone!  (We live in a decent neighborhood which is bordered by lots of inexpensive apartments, and it's fairly common practice to leave out, say, a microwave that you don't want any more with a 'Free' sign on it, and find it gone within 24 hours.)  I hope that whoever took Fred wasn't disappointed by the lack of power cord, mouse, and, um, boot disk...


May. 27th, 2010 03:52 pm
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First, the Android app Google Sky is several kinds of awesome.  You point it at the sky - or anywhere, actually, though it's most useful at night pointing up - and it tells you what stars and planets you're looking at!  It's also searchable; you put in a star, planet, or constellation, and an arrow appears on the screen telling you what direction to move your phone, until you reach the area of the feature.  Then it circles the feature with an orange circle.  Apparently there are Hubble images of several things too, but we haven't fiddled around with that part yet.  The only downside is that you can't zoom in and out in the standard sky view; I'd like to see a little more sky on the screen at once.  Other than that, very cool app!

Second, my subconscious is telling me that I'm focusing waaaaay too much on Mom's memorial service.  I dreamed last night that I was at the church where the service will be held, a day or two before the actual service to review stuff.  The choir was singing something pretty and pleasant, but I did kind of notice that it wasn't either of the pieces I'd asked for.  Then I took a look at the program, which for some reason had an obituary in it.  Thing is, it was (of course!) not Mom's, it was for some guy named Penny who'd been a mountain climber.  The title had something to do with "... On the Wire."*  As it was only a couple of days beforehand, we couldn't get new programs printed in time.  I commented rather acidly that it was somehow absolutely typical of Mom that she would end up with someone else's obit, though I'm not certain now why I thought so at the time.  (Perhaps I thought it was related to her remarkable ability to lose really important things?)

Anyway.  I have a draft of my eulogy bit.  It's not very good, but I'll leave it alone for a day or two and edit it later.  And "Dad's" portion is starting to come along too.  Today's business: emailing the funeral home about delivery of ashes to the church, and emailing the person in charge of Sunday flowers to see what could be done in terms of special flowers so that we could use them the next day for the service.

*The wire bit I attribute to the bit of Broken Sword Director's Cut that we played last night.   There was a puzzle involving some wire.  The people who wrote the Ireland section of the game designed lousy puzzles that are either solvable by accidentally clicking on something without a clear idea of what would happen, or you have to go through a completely silly rigmarole to get the key component you need for another puzzle.  In the latter case, the background of a nearby location seems to indicate that said key component is RIGHT THERE, but you can't interact with it in any way.
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Huz has just released his second app on the Android Market. It's called Perfect Direction, and it performs the very simple function of vibrating briefly when the phone faces north. Download it from the Market for free!
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Huz has released his first full application for Android!  It's called Etherophone, and it's a theramin simulator.  It's completely free, and it's pretty neat!  (Headphones are recommended - the built-in speakers of the N1, at any rate, do not do the synthesizer justice; their range is lousy.)
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I've been messing with our new NexusOne to see how capably it mimics the functions of a desktop - most notably, how can I post/email/whatever pictures that we'll take with the phone in New Zealand?

The answer seems to be, not very easily.  The LiveJournal apps (including LJ's mobile site) only allow text posts.  This is fine in and of itself- it'll be great to say to the world, "Whee, we're in Auckland!" or wherever.  I don't know whether it's even possible to put in hyperlinks.  (Even if it were, there appears to be no cut-and-paste function in this phone, or copy image location, or whatever.)  Buzz's mobile version, while having its own cool tricks (see Buzz generated nearby!  attach your location to your post!), does not allow you to upload photos from Picasa.  Neither does the Gmail application.

The only way I've seen thus far to get photos out to people using only the mobile is to go to Picasa, share an album, and address it to, e.g.  Even that hasn't come through yet; it seems to have saved that email as a draft in my Drafts box.  I went to the Drafts box on the Nexus and hit Send, but we'll see how soon and whether it comes up.

Does anyone know of a Droid application to directly upload the pictures the phone takes to, e.g. an email or something??  I'm going to be peeved if there's no way of doing it easily.
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You may remember my recent entry about the Huz's adventures with Apple.  Today, they've finally come to an acceptable conclusion.  After a great deal of rigmarole (and incidentally making his name familiar to the staff of the local Apple store!) we have in hand an (apparently) fully functional spiffy new iMac, with fancy graphics card and all.

It's fast!  It's nice!  It loaded the Coraline site flawlessy and rapidly!  And because it has a camera embedded in it, I buttoned my eyes:
We look forward to much spiffiness.  :)

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I satisfied a minor itch Sunday night by purchasing the soundtrack to Coraline.  I did the minimal homework and found that, yay, the full album was cheaper as a download on Amazon than it was on iTunes by a buck (and came with no DRM on Amazon; I couldn't tell just by looking whether it was DRM-free on iTunes as well).  (Edit: as of actual posting time, the Amazon price had come down to $5.00!)  Hey, a buck is a buck and might buy me a soda later this week.  So I downloaded Amazon's digital download manager, paid for the album, and started downloading.

Amazon's downloader could stand some work. )

I like the soundtrack though! )


Jan. 15th, 2008 02:21 pm
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No, I don't need a new computer.  My now-somewhat-old iMac is still working fine, and it can still access OS 9 (useful if I ever intend to finish Xenogears -- really, I will, sometime!).  I don't even need a new toy - the DS fills that slot quite happily, and will for some time.

But oh, isn't the Macbook Air pretty???

So - does this outdo the iPhone?  My guess is no, but it's still pretty nice-looking.  Comments welcome.


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