Jan. 22nd, 2015

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Tazz was one of our first two cats.  He and his brother Bernie were included in the package when we bought our house in 2002.  We had always wanted cats, and the previous owners didn’t have room for them where they were moving, so we took them on.  The two boys lived outside for the first few years, where they played in the yard, hung out on the deck, and took shelter in the garage when it rained.  Tazz had a buddy in his outdoor, a little black kitty who later joined our household.  We’d often come home to find Tazz and Billie in the front yard, Billie intently doing whatever she was doing and Tazz watching closely.

About the same time that we brought Bernie into the house to care for his sun-induced carcinoma, we brought Tazz in too.  At first Tazz was not happy at being inside, and would tell us repeatedly, at length, and at high volume just how displeased he was at the whole situation.  But he figured out pretty quickly that being inside at night was considerably more comfortable than being outside, and he adapted quickly.
Cut for length; kitty medical woes near the end )
Thank you, Tazz, for teaching us how to be kitty parents.  You were an awesome, amazing, adaptable kitty, and we will always love you.


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