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Minor incoherent discussion behind the cut - I'm looking forward to real-time conversations with many of you, and now I can *finally* go back and read people's LJ comments about it!!!!

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About 30 pages left (Brit edition); much has been 'splained, and Good Writing has happened.  Yeah, hm, certain parallels that I thought I saw coming a number of chapters ago do seem to be carrying through.

We should be totally done in another few days, and thus will not be any bar to discussion at Reunion.  Yay!
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We've been reading Harry Potter aloud to each other the last few nights.  Things have happened, some unexpected.  I decided that it would be both useful and fun to write up quickie summaries of each chapter as we finish them, with new mysteries highlighted.  Each chapter summary is then followed by reactions (what was surprising? what not?) and new guesses as to what will happen or be revealed later.  It's an interesting exercise, and it'll be a good record of how our thoughts change based on what happens.  Some of it will probably end up here eventually.  But given that we're only five chapters into it, that'll be a while in coming.  Do be assured that it'll go behind LJ-cuts when it does... assuming we haven't gotten confirmation by then that we are the absolute last people on the planet to finish it!

We just watched the first 40 minutes or so of the 'Director's Journey' section of the bonus material in the Lion Witch and Wardrobe Special Edition DVD set that arrived last week!  I'm pretty pleased so far.  The narration is reasonably interesting and content-ful most of the time, and the visuals are all very interesting indeed.  I'd wondered a few things while watching the film: what the carvings were on the front of the wardrobe (elements from the story of Magician's Nephew), how the heck the legs of the various hybrid creatures worked (the actors wore green-screen tights with mo-cap markers on them - it looks pretty funny), and how much of the battle sequence was CG (a pretty large fraction).  I'm impressed yet again with how good the creature models and animation are.  Clearly a lot of work was put in to get them as spot-on (plus emotive faces) as possible.  Congrats to all involved!  I'm very much looking forward to watching the rest of the bonus stuff.

As a note to myself: (1) Have a decent-sized snack before playing Zelda.  (2) When you start feeling dizzy, for heaven's sake, stop!  I don't care if it's in the middle of a mid-boss battle.  You need to stop,  then and there, otherwise you'll end up feeling very ill! 
I'm better now... don't worry.


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