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I had a bunch of interesting dream-fragments last night.

One bit was about riding a train, possibly in the doorway of the train.  It was going somewhat slowly, so that was okay.  I could see [ profile] ladybird97 playing ball/catch with a small child/creature in a yard (or something - it might have been on Old Campus or New Haven Green) nearby, and we arranged to meet up later.  (All while I was on the train, mind you.)  The train part no doubt comes from [ profile] r_ness's recent posts and photos about riding trains in various parts of India, of which I saw several last night before bed.

There was another bit where I was riding in a car with my mom (Hi Mom!  Miss you!).  My window was open, and I saw a bald eagle circling low over a building.  I cried out in wonder, "Mom, there's a bald eagle!  A bald eagle!"  The eagle came over to us, perching on.. I dunno.  It was larger than the real-life birds, probably about twice as big.  It seemed to want the piece of dark chocolate I was eating.  I said, "I don't think you'll like it.." but I offered it the chocolate.  The eagle ate it (without mauling my hand), and then got the kind of disappointed, disgusted look that a kid might get when eating dark chocolate.  But it seemed to want some more anyway, so I gave it another piece.  No clue where that all came from.

The last bit I remember was, there was a Baptist church in a field which was largely dry mown grass or hay or something.  Huz and I were on a bike, and we had an argument over precisely where and precisely how to lock up and leave the bike.  (There were bike racks, and something like a swingset, and the discussion was mostly over whether where we were 'parking' would block other people from getting through, or whether we were taking up more than our fair share of room, or whether we were 'parked' too close to the church.)  I'm guessing the church might be because I'm reading Kingsolver's amazing Poisonwood Bible right now, which has a Baptist family in it.  The bike and the argument?  Dunno.
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Every once in a while I have a dream that's got lots of music stuff in it.  Most often, it's got some music in it that sounds wonderful and amazing while I'm listening to it, and then I can't remember it in the morning.

The dream I had a couple of nights ago was kinda different.  The first part of it involved someone playing a neat ebony-looking Celtic lap harp.  I'm assuming that was inspired by seeing [personal profile] woodwindy's post about her new psaltery earlier in the evening, and being a little sad that I haven't made time for harping in ages and ages.  Later, I was doing some singing exercises (typical 5 or 8 note run, I can't really remember now), in a smallish choral group.  I'm assuming that was inspired by, well, the fact that I've been doing voice lessons and that we're starting to work on things like vowels, and keeping them the same through a 5- or 8-note run.  Anyway, I was singing.

Then the alarm went off.

Our clock radio is tuned to the local classical station.

I have no idea what key the piece the radio was playing was in, but it was really far away from whatever key I was singing in in my dream!  I think it was the clash of the keys that woke me up, as much as anything else.
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This is slightly belated, but I thought it might interest and/or amuse folks. 

Background: Choirs at all the Episcopal churches I've attended have the summer off.  Sunday school and many church programs also take a summer recess.  As a result, I'm not a terribly regular churchgoer during the summer months.  [profile] nezumiko attends a church in which the choir *does* sing during the summer, and has invited me to come visit her church sometime this summer, and I'd been toying with the idea Friday and Saturday of last week.

On Saturday night, I had a dream that I did, in fact, go with [profile] nezumiko to her church.  I don't specifically remember seeing her there, but I know that's where I was and I assumed she was around somewhere.  I remember there was a sermon, which I think was pretty decent, and that the service flowed quite directly from there to communion/Eucharist. 

Here's the weird part.  In addition to wine, there were at least three other beverages that you could drink at communion - though it was luck of the draw which one any particular person got.  I had hot spiced cider.  Oh, and instead of communion wafers, they used potato chips. 

That's all that I remember.  <shrug>  The place and the people seemed warm and welcoming.  And I could certainly deal with the difference in substance at communion.  It was just... strange, that's all.


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