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- I've just defeated Crimson Helm, outside of Kusa Village.  That was a totally not-hard boss fight.

- Figured out what to do with the little round doll-things (there's one in the inn in Kusa Village, and I think there's one over at Sasa Sanctuary).

- Figured out how to get at chests that are under a little bit of water.  Don't know how to get at chests that are in deeper water, though.

- Figured out how to draw the moon reliably: you need to curve the ends inward rather a lot.

- Jumped across the carp banners in Kusa Village successfully on only my third try!  (The chests on the other side are niiiiiiice...)

Still really enjoying it; still totally addictive. 
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There is one sort of irritating aspect to Okami.  Every so often, you are effectively given a task of "Execute this particular brushstroke successfully several times in a row" to get the game to progress.  This is not as easy as it sounds; the brushstrokes are sometimes not 'read' correctly by the game (a circle can be interpreted a few different ways depending on what the game sees as the background you're drawing on); or sometimes you're unable to complete it successfully in a limited period of time. 

If you fail at any point in one of these multi-draw sequences, you're taken back to the beginning of it.  With the dialogue.  Slowly.  With no way to skip the dialogue and just try the task again.  And with no way to exit the sequence short of restarting or turning off the game.

*sigh* At least nobody's tried to eat me while attempting one of these tasks.  Not yet, anyway.

Okami tips

Jun. 19th, 2008 11:36 am
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Two notes which are totally not spoilers, for anyone following along:

- When you're in Draw Mode, pressing Z has the same effect as pressing A - i.e. the brush hits the paper.  Do not try to press Z (to force a straight line) and A (to put the brush down) simultaneously; you'll get messy brush stuff all over the place, and not a nice simple Power Slash.

- Stepping on to a Save Point (in such a way that you have the option to save, though you are certainly not obligated to do so) will fully restore your health.

Five hours in.  Still lovin' it.  Have used the excuse of "Oh, I don't think I have a continuous hour of playtime right now" to not finish SPM, though I really have every intention of doing so before we leave on Monday.


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